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Breathe Freely


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The incidence and severity of all of the major respiratory conditions—allergies, sinusitis and asthma—is increasing dramatically throughout the world. 8% of asthmatics now die of the disease! Over-the-counter (OTC) or prescription antihistamines all have serious side effects. Drowsiness is still so common and so severe that antihistamines are the main ingredient in virtually ALL OTC sleeping pills! EZ Breathing is a United States patented product with more than 50,000 success stories. A combination of natural digestive enzymes, vitamins and herbs acts rapidly to squelch the allergic reaction, dilate the passages of the airway, reduce the congestion and decrease the inflammation—all with no side effects or medication interactions. Here are the reasons why EZ Breathing is so effective:

  1. The digestive enzymes digest (break down) the secretions so the body can absorb and remove them
  2. Herbs and vitamins reduce the inflammation and the allergic reaction
  3. Special herbs open the passages of the airway
  4. Positive benefits for ALL respiratory conditions
  5. FAST-ACTING—effects are felt in 20-30 minutes

Breathing clearly and deeply enhances your pleasure in life and in those around you.


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