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Surgery pain

I’ve known about the ETAForce caps for years. I just never felt like l needed them. Then I had emergency life saving surgery which included placing an ostomy. 8 months later it was time to do the surgery to reverse it. I knew I needed to get some ETAForce before hand. Well I ordered some and was watching the mail. Then got a phone call that I had messed up my address and they were checking before they sent the product out. I’m so glad I was called. The supplement came in a couple days before I got home from the hospital. I was have a lot of pain, but after a couple days, taking 2 caps 3 times a day it was gone. I will continue to take it until everything is completely healed. I had the surgery only 8 days ago! I know people with the same surgery who are still having pain months after their reversal. It’s a shame they don’t understand about natural supplements and how great they are for healing. I don’t need anything else for pain… because thanks to ETAForce… I don’t have any!!! Thanks a million!!!

Laura Honea

Tell everyone you know, I do.

Dr. Harris”s products improve lives. His products have certainly improved mine. Here’s how: 1. Vitamins, stopped psoriasis in a friend of mine and when she quit taking the vitamins, the psoriasis came back. Her mon even took the Petarol once and doc got such a kick out of that. She was out of her human equivalent. 2. Met a Rheumatologist who wanted to give me liver killing drugs for osteo arthritis. He gave me the creeps. Soon after I met Dr. Harris through a fine gentleman, Dale Brueggeman, who helped me by giving me some of Docs ETA Force pain meds, and the nerve health caps, and wah lah, no more arthritis attacks and all meds are all natural. So, Dr. HARRIS probably has a birth certificate but for myself and many, he is an angel. There are many success stories of him helping people with pain issues.. If you haven’t tried these products, I feel sorry for you. I tell everyone I know and meet, every time, over and over again (and these meds don’t interfere with pharmaceuticals you may be taking) THANKS, DOC!!

Linda Bundy

Amazing product

If you told me that I would be healed instead of just taking pain pills the rest of my life I would tell you yeah right! NOPE ETAforce has done amazing things in my life. By taking this product faithful every day I am able to say the pain is gone because it healed me. I am now starting a workout schedule with a trainer because I am able to move again and do the correct workouts. I am looking forward to this because of Dr Harris. Thank you so very much. I am telling all of my friends. I am a living testimony because they saw me before to now and in 6 months I will be in better shape. God Bless you and don’t stop creating the wonderful products you have. Aloha, Michael W.

Michael W.