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Surgery pain

I’ve known about the ETAForce caps for years. I just never felt like l needed them. Then I had emergency life saving surgery which included placing an ostomy. 8 months later it was time to do the surgery to reverse it. I knew I needed to get some ETAForce before hand. Well I ordered some and was watching the mail. Then got a phone call that I had messed up my address and they were checking before they sent the product out. I’m so glad I was called. The supplement came in a couple days before I got home from the hospital. I was have a lot of pain, but after a couple days, taking 2 caps 3 times a day it was gone. I will continue to take it until everything is completely healed. I had the surgery only 8 days ago! I know people with the same surgery who are still having pain months after their reversal. It’s a shame they don’t understand about natural supplements and how great they are for healing. I don’t need anything else for pain… because thanks to ETAForce… I don’t have any!!! Thanks a million!!!

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