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Natures Hair Capsules


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We all lose between 50-150 hairs every day, and our healthy scalp normally replaces them, so the process balances out. Unfortunately, some of us lose much more hair than that. The most common cause of hair loss is AndroGenetic Alopecia (AGA). Science has identified a breakdown product of testosterone call dihydrotestosterone (DHT) as the main cause of hair loss. DHT causes gradual, progressive shrinkage in the length and caliber of hair follicles. Consequently, each succeeding hair cycle results in production of smaller, finer hairs, ending with hair that is no longer viable. Many years of research have identified the exact vitamins, minerals, herbs and amino acids that will correct this nutritional imbalance in the healthiest manner. Nature’s Hair+ Capsules contains the most effective combination of these ingredients. Furthermore, one outstanding nutrient has been shown to be extremely effective in promoting healthy hair growth. You guessed it! Nature’s Hair+ Capsules contains that particular nutrient. Here are the reasons why Nature’s Hair+ Capsules work well:

  1. The blend of natural ingredients has been shown to lower DHT levels
  2. HairStim Proprietary Blend contains ingredients that will increase the circulation to the follicles, restoring the normal levels of oxygen, nutrients and moisture needed to promote follicle health
  3. HairStim Proprietary Blend contain Beta Sitosterol, the ingredient that promotes healthy hair growth

Although the Capsules are very effective when used alone, they are even more effective when combined with Nature’s Hair+ Formula.


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