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Natures Hair Formula


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Almost 80% of men and 65% of women will experience significant hair loss throughout their life. When you begin to do so, it’s natural to want to correct the problem. Scientific studies have demonstrated that a breakdown product of testosterone, called dihydrotestosterone (DHT), is primarily responsible for the damage to the follicle leading to hair loss. Part of that damage involves a dramatic decrease in circulation to the entire scalp, including the follicles. The excess DHT causes our oil glands in the scalp to become overactive, producing a fine oil layer over the scalp. The reduced circulation causes dryness of the skin on the scalp, resulting in microscopic flakes of dead skin accumulating. The flakes of dead skin combine with the normal dirt and skin bacteria residing on the scalp and mix with the oil, producing a sludge called sebum. This mixture leaks around the opening of the follicle and hardens to form a “sebum plug”, which blocks the opening of the follicle and prevents a new hair from emerging. Nature’s Hair+ Formula is a leave-in topical application used on the scalp on a daily basis. Here is the reason the proprietary blend of vitamins and other nutrients is so effective:

  1. This combination of ingredients has been shown to reduce the levels of DHT
  2. Continued use of this formula will loosen, and eventually remove, the sebum plugs
  3. This formula will remove the excess oil from the scalp
  4. Specific ingredients in this formula will increase the circulation to the follicles and the skin of the scalp

Although this product is effective when used alone, it is much more effective when used together with Nature’s Hair+ Capsules.


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