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Women’s Libido


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Menopause is characterized by mood changes, decreased libido and symptoms of hormone imbalance. Female surveys have demonstrated that these same problems are often present in much younger women. The complete formula in Women’s Libido supports the entire body by increasing libido, reducing stress and balancing female hormones. Here are the reasons why Women’s Libido is so effective:

  1. Reduces anxiety and mild depression
  2. Improves mood
  3. Promotes normal hormone balance
  4. Helps decrease premenstrual tension
  5. Increases libido
  6. Maximizes sexual energy and endurance
  7. Increases sexual sensitivity

Sexual enjoyment remains a significant part of our relationships, and enhancing the enjoyment strengthens that relationship, increasing our feelings of satisfaction, love and security. Normal hormone function can stabilize and improve our mood and feelings, leading to a better quality of life.


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