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Hangover Defense


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Well, it was a great party last night, but WOW!, it’s now the next morning, and the dreaded hangover is in full swing. The splitting headache, the sick to the stomach feeling, the unsteadiness, and the “just let me sleep” part. From now on, you NEVER have to have that experience again. Just take 2 capsules of Hangover Defense before you start drinking (or even with your first drink), then take 2 more capsules at the end of your evening. You’ll wake up feeling rested and refreshed, thinking clearly and rarin’ to go. Contrary to popular belief, alcohol does NOT cause hangovers. Congeners are impurities created during the manufacturing process which remain with the alcohol. They gradually acquire a positive electrical charge and become free radicals. It’s those congeners which are found in alcohol that produce the symptoms. Hangover Defense contains a blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs, each of which has a specific function. Here are the reasons why Hangover Defense works better than any other product on the market:

  1. Replace the B vitamins and Vitamin C that are destroyed by the alcohol. This is important, as the B vitamins help protect the liver from damage
  2. Selenium is a major nutrient providing support to the liver
  3. Most of the herbs are very powerful antioxidants, which neutralize the free radicals
  4. Some of the herbs actually help cleanse the liver so it can detoxify and metabolize the alcohol faster

If you’ve had a tough week, or if you’ve planned a big night out, and you have a designated driver, don’t ruin your next day with a screaming hangover. Just take HANGOVER DEFENSE!!!


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