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Revita Pet


You may use ETA-Force Capsules for treating your pet.

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Note that Revita-Pet is no longer available under the Revita-Pet label.  However, you can use ETA-Force Capsules in place of Revita-Pet.  ETA-Force Capsules contain the same ingredients as the Revita-Pet product.

All of our pets are living longer, and, you guessed it, they are getting joint dysplasias, arthritis and pain in their neck and back. Prescription anti-inflammatory medications often give relief, but are infamous for causing death in pets due to permanent liver and kidney damage. ReVita Pet is a safe and effective anti-inflammatory formula made exclusively for cats and dogs. The main ingredient is ETArol, a highly concentrated extract of New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels. ETArol has been extensively tested by veterinarians and found to be effective in a wide variety of painful conditions in pets. The reasons why ReVita Pet is so effective:

  1. ETArol is the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory available
  2. The other herbs in the blend provide potent antioxidant activity
  3. ETArol is a natural source of glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid
  4. Comes in a liver-flavored chewable wafer that pets love
  5. Works for all painful conditions in pets
  6. Veterinarian tested
  7. Fast-acting–most animals respond in 2 weeks or less
  8. Safe with no side effects or complications

Our pets give us unconditional love, and they earn our love. They deserve the very best—they deserve ReVita Pet.


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